Late Short Summer Session

Next Steps for 2016 Summer Students:

  1. Take a moment to read through the FAQ section below to learn more about the Late Short Summer Session.
  2. Review the list of classes offered last summer for an idea of what may be offered this summer.
  3. Confirm your summer admission for the Late Short Summer Session no later than April 15, 2016. If you choose not accept your summer offer, we will cancel your application to Georgia Tech on April 16.
  4. Reserve your spot in our freshman class and confirm your intent to enroll at Georgia Tech by paying your admission and housing deposits no later than May 1, 2016 in BuzzPort.

If you no longer want to be considered for freshman admission, click here to cancel your application to Georgia Tech.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why was I admitted for summer, when I applied for fall?

Students who have accepted their summer offer in years past have told us they appreciated and valued the chance to get a jump start on their time at Tech. Moreover, their GPA, retention, and graduation rates from Tech are equal to that of students entering in the fall term. Ultimately, admitting students for the summer term allows us to expand our freshman class size and reduce individual class sizes.

If I have plans for the summer that conflict with summer classes, can I switch to the fall term?

Students admitted for the summer term cannot change to the fall term. While we understand you and your family may have already scheduled summer plans, we hope you will view this opportunity to begin your Georgia Tech experience early as a short-term decision with long-term benefits.

What grade point average must I have to continue at Georgia Tech?    

This is not a conditional acceptance.  If you enroll, you will be a fully admitted member of the freshman class. Once enrolled, you will be required to meet the same academic standards that are expected of all Georgia Tech students.

What is the length of the Late Short Summer Session?

Five weeks. Classes begin June 20 and final exams will end by July 23.

When is registration for Summer Session?

All incoming freshmen beginning in the Late Short Summer Session will attend the Summer Freshman FASET Orientation session in late June. The second day of FASET orientation will include academic advising and course registration.

How many classes will I take?

Two. Due to the length of the Late Short Summer Session, students will be required to take two classes to ensure that they are challenged and receive realistic introduction to academics at Tech. Courses offered will be applicable to all majors at Tech. Click here to view the courses offered last year.

What if I have advanced credit?

Most students entering in the summer bring either AP/IB or dual enrollment credit. It is imperative that you list Georgia Tech as a recipient of your scores to ensure that all credit is posted to your record prior to registration for summer courses. Students with significant credits will still find sufficient course choices.  Academic advisors and the Registrar’s Office will work with students individually if building a suitable schedule becomes a challenge.

When can I register for the fall semester?

Summer freshmen will be able to register for Fall 2016 classes during Phase I registration in June. Summer students are the first in the incoming freshman class to register for fall classes. Please refer to Office of the Registrar for more information.

Will there be an orientation program?

FASET Orientation, which is available for both students and parents, is scheduled for late June. Students will receive an informational brochure in mid-May and can make a reservation online in late May.  Please refer all orientation questions to the FASET Office at 404.894.6897 or visit their website.

What is the cost of attending the late short summer session?

Tuition for 6 hours is $2,918 for Georgia residents and $8,903 for non-residents.  Fees are $903.  On-campus housing and meal plan costs will be determined later this spring. Housing cost for 2015 was $1,246; meal plan costs were $878.

When are tuition and fee payments due?

Full payment for the Late Short Summer Session is due no later than June 20 at 4 p.m. EST.

Will financial aid be available?

Yes. Hope/Zell Miller Scholarship, Pell Grant, and student loans are available to eligible students. Student loans require registration in a minimum of 2 classes (6 credit hours).

How and when do I apply for financial aid for Summer Session?
How and when do I apply for financial aid for the Fall Semester?

Fall is a new academic year, requiring a separate financial aid application. See the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid for application instructions.

Will housing be available?

Yes, campus housing will be available to the freshmen enrolling in the summer semester if they make a $300 prepayment and apply online. The summer housing application will become available in late March. Students living in campus housing for the summer will be able to continue in campus housing fall and spring semesters if they make a $600 prepayment for fall and apply online by May 1. Your summer room will likely not be your fall room assignment; you will need to move your belongings out of your summer room prior to moving into your fall room. You will not live in your fall room until freshman move-in in mid-August. Please refer all housing questions to the Department of Housing.

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