International Transfer

With approximately 9% of our undergraduate students from abroad, Georgia Tech traditionally receives first-year and transfer applications from over 100 foreign countries each year.

International transfers go through the same application process as all transfer students, regardless of residency.

We closely review your specific academic background and particular educational system in order to make the best possible admission decisions.  

International students applying directly from a Non-U.S. College or university may have to submit multiple course evaluation requests in order to satisfy course requirements by major.  

English coursework taught abroad as a foreign language does not transfer as collegiate-level English. English course requirements (ENGL 1101 & 1102) require an intensive writing component and not just verbal comprehension.  

Go to International Baccalaureate credit by exam for transfer credit evaluation.

A General Certificate of Education with A-level completion may be submitted for the following coursework:

Biology – Grade of A = BIOL 1510
Chemistry – Grade of A or B = CHEM 1310
Physics – Grade of A, B, or C = PHYS 2211 and PHYS 2212
Math - Grade of A or B = MATH 1551