Honors Program

The Georgia Tech Honors Program combines the challenging academic standards of one of the finest technological universities in the world with the closer connections between students and faculty that one might expect to find in a smaller college. Our mission is to create a lively environment in which students and faculty members learn from each other through a common commitment to intellectual inquiry, careful analysis, and energetic exchange of ideas.

Opportunities Within the Honors Program:

  • An Honors Program Residence where first-year students can find a supportive community of interesting people, continue their conversations beyond the classroom, and develop connections to Georgia Tech and the surrounding community
  • Small sections of introductory core courses designed to emphasize not just mastery of the material but also innovative inquiry and exploration within the discipline and often beyond
  • A selection of small Special Topics courses, each with an enrollment limit of twenty students, that encourage critical thinking and an interdisciplinary approach to some of the most significant issues facing the world today
  • A program of well-coordinated advising that will help students build upon their first two years in the Honors Program as they move into their chosen undergraduate majors in the third and fourth years

Academic Expectations
Students should take at least five Honors Program courses (minimum 15 credits) during their tenure, including:

  • Two Honors Program sections of introductory core courses (such as Chemistry, Calculus, or English) during the first semester at Georgia Tech.
  • Three Honors Program Special Topics courses during the second semester and beyond. These are interdisciplinary, project-driven courses that encourage students to explore beyond the limits of their majors

How to Apply
Information regarding Fall 2015 admission to the Honors Program will be sent to students accepted to Georgia Tech during the Early Action cycle. The application can be found on the Honors Program website

The Honors Program at Georgia Tech selects students who give a strong indication of intellectual curiosity and commitment. The program strives to create an academic context in which students can extend their range of thought by working with professors and other students in a spirit of inquiry and interdisciplinary investigation. The larger purpose of the program is to identify and encourage students who seek to do more than follow the standard path for an undergraduate education.

Honors Program

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