Non-Degree Seeking Applicants

Students attending Georgia Tech on a Special or Transient student status are classified as non-degree seeking students and are not normally eligible to continue studies at Georgia Tech. Special or Transient status makes a student eligible for admission during the approved term only and does not imply or guarantee future enrollment at Georgia Tech.

Non-degree seeking students should be academically competitive based on Georgia Tech transfer admission guidelines in order to be considered for admission.

(Students applying for transient admission for Georgia Tech's Study Abroad program must apply through the Office of International Education transient admission process found here.) 


For more information on each program, please follow the links below if you are:

  • A Transient student planning to return to your home institution after taking a specific course or courses at Georgia Tech.
  • A Special student taking a course or courses at Georgia Tech only for personal or professional growth, rather than in pursuit of a degree.
  • A Georgia resident at least 62 years of age, wishing to enroll under the 62 or Older Program, allowing you to take classes on a space-available basis without payment, excluding supplies, laboratory, or shop fees.


Special and Transient (Non-Degree) Application Timetable


Application Deadline*



July 1



December 1



April 1


* All online applications must be submitted by midnight EST on the deadline date. 


International Students

International students (those who are neither US citizens nor US Permanent Resident card holders) are allowed to apply for non-degree seeking status ONLY if they are participants in an approved study abroad/foreign exchange program via the Georgia Tech Office of International Education. Proof of US Permanent Resident status is required at the time of application. Please see for more information.