Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BSRT?

BSRT stands for Black Student Recruitment Team. It’s composed of a team of current GT students who share their experience on campus and recruit prospective students through individual visits, phone calls, emails and events.

How does Black Student Recruitment work at Georgia Tech?

Black Student Recruitment includes efforts to increase the amount of Black admitted students who choose Georgia Tech as their college of choice. The goal of recruitment is to inform students and families of the community that awaits them via:

  • Contact with BSRT.
  • Visitation opportunities for prospective students and their families to connect with current students.
  • Authentic on-campus experiences through overnight visitation programs.
  • Connections with resources for minority students around campus for prospective students and families.

Are the admission standards different for Black students?

No. The admission standards are the same for all students admitted to Georgia Tech. We conduct a holistic review process for every applicant. You may learn more about that process on our holistic review webpage.

How can I connect with current Black students, parents or alumni?

You can connect with our team in a variety of ways:

What are some resources specifically for Black students?

Where can I find information about Scholarships and Financial Aid?

A Georgia Tech education is one of the best investments you can make in your future! Click here to learn more.