Welcome to the Georgia Tech Admissions Portal

Buzzport is the admission portal for Georgia Tech and will allow you to track your application status and eventually view your admission decision online. Please be aware that Buzzport and the email you listed on your application will be the methods we use to communicate with you throughout the process, so it is your responsibility to check both of these frequently for any updates. Additionally, admission decisions will ONLY be conveyed via Buzzport. We hope you will find the information contained in your Buzzport page to be helpful throughout the admission process!

Steps to access your Buzzport account:

  1. Step 1: Click here to look up your GT ID number. When looking up your GT ID number, please enter your first name, last name, and birthdate only. Please keep your GT ID number in a safe location as this ID will be used to identify you throughout the admission process.

  2. Step 2: Once you have accessed your GT ID number, please go to this page to activate your GT account and view your GT Account Username and Password. Please keep this information in a safe location as you will use your Username and Password to access your Buzzport account.

  3. Step 3: Use your GT Account and Password to log into Buzzport.

  4. Step 4: Select the Applicant tab and click the check application status icon to verify your personal information, track receipt of your documents and test scores, and view your application status. Personal information (including residency status) will not appear correctly in Buzzport until we have fully processed your application. Please allow three weeks for us to process your application into our system.

Admission decisions will not be posted until the official notification deadline.

Should you have any trouble logging on to your GT account or Buzzport, please contact our Technology Support Center.