Change of Major


First-year applicants and admitted students may not change their major. However, changing majors is permitted after the withdrawal deadline of their first fall semester. Students would then begin classes for their new major in the spring. Learn More.


Admitted students may pursue a formal change of major after their first semester, however, requesting a major change requires the approval of all academic colleges and departments involved, and is not guaranteed, especially for high demand majors. Learn more.

First-Year Change of Major FAQ

Can I change my major?

Incoming first-years are allowed one unrestricted change of major.  The earliest a change of major can be requested is after the drop/add period in the fall semester. For example, first-years who enter Georgia Tech in 2017 were eligible to request a change of major beginning October 29, 2017. Dates for 2018 will be posted later this spring.

Why can’t I change my major earlier?

During our holistic review process we consider many factors, including the major listed on your application. All students admitted as first-years are capable of succeeding in any major we offer. However, for planning, communication, and advising purposes we require students to remain in the major they indicated on their application through their first fall semester. We know that once on campus, you may discover a major that better fits your intended career or academic path, which is why we provide major changes to occur after that point.    

If I choose to change my major, what is the process for doing so?

All entering first-years are entitled to one unrestricted change of major prior to earning 60 credit hours. After that point, there are restrictions in place to insure proper advising, progress toward degree, and to insure optimum student:faculty ratios. A full explanation of the change of major policy can be found in the course catalog.

Are there any majors with restrictions on change of major?

Yes, Industrial Systems Engineering and Mechanical Engineering have restrictions. A full explanation of the change of major policy can be found in the course catalog.

If I change my major at Tech, will I have earned credits that are not applicable toward graduation?

This is an excellent question to ask and consider with your academic advisor. In the majority of cases, due to the curricular overlap and requirements at Tech (and particularly prior to earning 60 hours of credit), the courses you have taken will be applicable toward a new major.