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Academic Preparation

All students who apply to Georgia Tech must submit an official high school transcript in English. When evaluating your application for freshman admission, we are very interested in understanding how you stretched and challenged yourself relative to the curriculum that was available at your school. Georgia Tech is looking for students who demonstrate intellectual curiosity and aren’t afraid of a challenge!

You should demonstrate success in the most rigorous curriculum available at your high school, such as:

  • Advanced Placement
  • International Baccalaureate
  • AICE Program
  • Dual Enrollment
Other Important Information
  • The GPA we consider is the one taken directly from your high school transcript. We will use a 100 point GPA, if available, and weighted, if available. If not, we’re happy to consider a 4.0 GPA or similar and/or unweighted GPA.
  • If your high school does not provide a GPA or you have attended multiple high schools, we will recalculate a weighted 4.0 GPA (0.5 points added for AP, IB, Dual Enrollment & AICE courses) using core courses only.
  • To help us better understand your high school and its curriculum, your counselor will submit a School Report form and/or School Profile with your transcript.
  • The University System of Georgia requires minimum academic courses of all first time students, though most applicants exceed those in at least one area. USG requirements include:
    • English - 4 Units
    • Math - 4 Units
    • Science - 4 Units
    • Social Science - 3 Units
    • Foreign Language - 2 Units
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