Georgia Tech International Ambassadors

Welcome to GTIA!

Welcome! I am Maria Fernanda Wong, a 4th year Industrial Design major from Panama, and I serve as the GTIA president. 

As a Yellow Jacket, I love experiencing a unified (and beautiful!) campus in the middle of Atlanta, an incredibly vibrant city. Plus, I’m surrounded by people who are constantly searching for ways to make our world better, create the next big thing, and improve lives. Tech provides a top-notch learning environment that promotes curiosity and fosters interesting dialogue. We look forward to introducing you to what it’s like to be part of this very welcoming and diverse community. Find us on Facebook below to stay in touch!

Maria Fernanda Wong
GTIA President


What Is GTIA?

The Georgia Tech International Ambassador team is made up of 60 students from all over the world. We like to think of it as a Yellow Jacket themed mini-United Nations. We are a volunteer group united in a love of Tech, and our hope as an organization is to share the opportunities that have allowed us to thrive at this great university. We would love to connect online or in person. Through the year, we will host webinars on different topics. We would also be happy to connect you with a student from a similar background or interest over email. If you are able to make it to campus, we would like to meet you for coffee or have a chat about life as a student at Tech. Send us an email to get started!