A transient student is one who desires to enroll at Georgia Tech in order to take certain applicable advanced coursework that will transfer back to the home institution. The student should be planning to return to the home institution to complete coursework for a degree. A transient student must have permission to take classes at Georgia Tech as authorized by the Registrar at the home institution.
To apply as a transient student, submit the following to Georgia Tech:
  • Georgia Tech Non-Degree Application and nonrefundable application fee
  • Official college transcripts from all colleges attended
  • Non-Degree Applicant Permission Form (Parts I & II) with departmental signature(s). If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, download it free here. It is the responsibility of the applicant to contact the appropriate academic department(s) at Georgia Tech to seek approval for any requested courses and submit the completed form with signatures.
  • For non-U.S. university-level coursework, contact a professional foreign credential evaluation service and have a Document-by-Document with GPA Equivalent evaluation sent directly to Georgia Tech. THIS IS MANDATORY FOR ALL NON-U.S. COURSEWORK FOR ALL STUDENTS. We recommend both World Education Services ( and Josef Silny & Associates (
If admitted, transient students are classified as non-degree seeking and are not normally eligible to continue studies at Georgia Tech with the intent of obtaining a degree from the Institute. Admitted non-degree students are eligible for the approved semester only, and admission does not imply or guarantee future enrollment at Georgia Tech. The registration period for admitted non-degree seeking students follows the registration of all degree-seeking students and begins the day before the start of the term.
Transient applicants should contact their home institution financial aid offices to determine if their aid can be used during transient terms. 
Any student admitted in a non-degree status wishing to later pursue degree-seeking admission must apply and follow the requirements and guidelines for transfer admission at Georgia Tech. There must be a one-term gap between enrollment in a non-degree status and an application for degree-seeking admission.
Transient Application Timetable
Application Term Application & Document Deadline
Fall July 1
Spring December 1
Summer April 1
Students applying for transient admission through Georgia Tech's Study Abroad program must apply through the Office of International Education transient admission process found here.

International Students
International students (those who are neither US citizens nor US Permanent Resident card holders) are allowed to apply for non-degree seeking status ONLY if they are participants in an approved study abroad/foreign exchange program via the Georgia Tech Office of International Education. Proof of US Permanent Resident status is required at the time of application. Please see for more information.