Laisa Kinsey

Details coming soon!

Position: Senior Admission Counselor.

Years at Tech: Less than 1.

Favorite thing about Tech: My favorite thing about Georgia Tech is the collaborative and yet whimsical atmosphere of the community. This atmosphere is especially displayed during one of our traditions: the mini 500. This is our annual tricycle race where participants team up with 6 other individuals to race around Peters Parking Deck without destroying their tricycles. Winners receive points towards their homecoming team and bragging rights till the next year!

Favorite place on campus: My favorite place on campus is definitely Skiles Walkway. As a primary walkway through campus, it’s a great way to find out about student organizations and campus events. The Skiles Walkway is also home to our weekly Farmer’s Market which features local vendors providing organic produce and even lunch options from local restaurants. There are also hammocks on Tech Green, next to Skiles Walkway, available to anyone who need to take a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Favorite place in Atlanta: My favorite place in Atlanta so far is Ponce City Market. Not only does this historic building hold various shops, event spaces and delicious eateries, but roof also holds Skyline Park. Skyline Park includes a miniature carnival which include activities such as miniature golf, heege tower and a skyline slide. I highly recommend grabbing a bag of walking tacos as you roam the rooftop and enjoy the breathtaking views.

Favorite restaurant near campus: Midtown is such a great place for foodies, I’ve truly enjoyed it. My favorite restaurant near campus is Takorea. It’s a quaint and casual restaurant that serves Korean-Mexican fusion cuisine. Definitely get the Gogi Nachos as a shareable appetizer (the pulled pork is my favorite, but don’t be afraid to try the tofu). Be sure to ask for extra red sauce!

I also love Bento Bus which is a food truck that frequents campus regularly. My favorite dish on their menu is the Asian BBQ Steak rice bowl. The food trucks are typically parked a short walk from Tech Green and Dining Services keeps an updated schedule on their website.

What I recommend to do while in Atlanta: I would highly recommend visiting Piedmont Park while in Atlanta. It’s a beautiful park in midtown that’s perfect for an afternoon stroll or a Saturday picnic. Piedmont Park also hosts concerts during the Spring and Summer season so it’s a great place to frequent for activities.