Innovate Relief

How many college students do you know who can actually solve an African village's desperate need for clean drinking water? At Georgia Tech, there are quite a few; they're called Engineers Without Borders.

Engineers Without Borders collaborates with local partners worldwide to develop sustainable engineering projects. The Georgia Tech chapter, which is completely student run and organized, allows Tech students to apply coursework to projects that make a real difference in people's lives.

In the village of Mungoa-goa, located on a hillside in northwest Cameroon, Tech students planned and executed every phase of the drinking water project – from securing funding to providing the village's 1,000 people with clean water. In between, there were land and population surveys, meetings with village leadership and Non-Governmental Organizations, building water collection and solar powered distribution systems, health and hygiene education sessions, drilling a hand-pumped well, phenomenal real-life, real-work experience – and many new lifelong friendships.