Destination Tech

Upcoming Dates
April 12-13, 2015

Who Should Attend?
Admitted students (and their parents) interested in learning more about diversity at Georgia Tech.

Destination Tech is our largest overnight program for admitted students and is hosted each spring by the African-American Recruitment Team, Hispanic Recruitment Team, and Women's Recruitment Team. Admitted students will have the opportunity to stay in a residence hall and learn from current Tech students what life is like at Georgia Tech. The two-day program will include opportunities for you to interact with academic departments, understand what support programs and resources are available to you, and meet students and alumni that can share with you what makes the Georgia Tech experience valuable to them.

The cost to attend is $70 for students and $50 for each parent and guest. This cost covers meals, parking and materials for students and parents. Students are hosted overnight in an on-campus residence, while parents and guests must arrange lodging.

 Advance reservations and payment are required to attend.