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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get on the waitlist?

Students who are offered a place on the waitlist may choose whether or not to accept it. Those who accept their space are those we consider "on the waitlist." You must choose whether or not to accept your place on the waitlist by April 6, 2016.

What does it mean if my admission decision is “waitlist"?

In reviewing your application, it was clear that you have qualities that would make you an excellent student at Georgia Tech. However, we are unable to accept every student who is capable of being successful on campus due to our incoming class size. Each year some students who are offered admission do not accept their space. If we do not meet our class goal, we will evaluate our waitlist to fill our class.

Can I submit my mid-year report?

First, check BuzzPort to see if we have already received this information. If we do not have it, please request that your counselor submit as soon as possible.

Can students on the wait list submit additional information?

Only information originally submitted with your application will be considered.

Can students on the wait list send letters of recommendation?

Only letters of recommendation originally submitted with your application will be considered. The only recommendation letters used for freshman admission are one from a counselor and one from a teacher.

Can students on the waitlist schedule an interview with someone in the admission office?

Interviews are not part of the admission process at Georgia Tech.

How many students are on the waitlist?

For 2016, 3,828 students were offered a place on the wait list. 2,249 chose to remain on the wait list.

How many students are accepted off the waitlist?

Every year is different, and we cannot predict this year. We have had years where we have offered several hundred students a spot in the freshman class, and years where we have not been able to offer a space to anyone. If we do not meet our class goal, we will evaluate our waitlist to fill our class.

Does Georgia Tech rank the waitlist?

Georgia Tech does not use a ranking system to make offers from the waitlist. We will offer admission to students from the waitlist in an effort to shape our class to meet institutional needs and priorities.

When will students on the waitlist know if they will be offered admission?

May 1 is the National Deposit deadline, so we likely will not know if we have met our freshman class goal until after that date. Students will be contacted by phone and email as soon as we know space is available. Our goal is to finalize our freshman class by June 1.

If you don't contact students on the waitlist until after May 1, how will I be able to make a deposit on time?

Students who are on the waitlist should make a deposit at their second choice school to ensure they have a space reserved somewhere. Georgia Tech will allow students accepted from the waitlist to make a deposit after the National Deposit Deadline of May 1 and will give them a deadline for deposit at the time of offer. If you are offered admission to Georgia Tech and choose to deposit here after May 1, you will likely forfeit your deposit at the other school.

Will students accepted from the waitlist get campus housing?

Yes, campus housing is available for all incoming freshman.

Are students accepted from the waitlist considered for financial aid?

If you are accepted from the waitlist, you should contact the Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid (404.894.4160) to reactivate your previously submitted financial aid application(s). You will then receive information on your eligible financial aid. However, the reality is that often financial aid packages available to students offered admission from the wait list are limited to student loans.

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