Admission Decision Appeals

The Georgia Institute of Technology is a selective institution, and each year we are unable to admit all students who are qualified to attend. Our team is committed to ensuring every application is reviewed thoroughly and comprehensively. Due to this holistic and rigorous review, it is unusual for us to reverse an admission decision.

For an appeal to have merit it must bring to light new academic or personal information, as well as information pertaining to extenuating circumstances, that had not been present in the application—information that clearly shows the student to be stronger than had been earlier evidenced.

Please read below to better understand what does and does not constitute an appeal. We advise you to consider this information carefully before you decide to submit an appeal.

Valid Circumstances for an Appeal

Valid Basis for an Appeal Appropriate Supporting Documents 
Grade Change
A grade on your transcript has been changed, resulting in an increased core GPA.
High school and/or college transcript that shows a change in grade(s) from those originally submitted with your application.
You failed to report a medical condition/illness/surgery that negatively impacted your grade(s).
Information from a health care provider documenting an illness that was not disclosed in your original application.
Other Life Circumstances
You failed to report life changing circumstances (parent divorce, death, etc.) that negatively impacted your grades.
Letter of explanation.
Georgia Tech Scholar or APS Scholar
You will be eligible for the Georgia Tech Scholars or APS Scholars program.
High school transcript.

Information NOT Considered

  • Appeals written or submitted by someone other than the student for whom the decision was rendered.
  • Transcript with grades earned since the decision was rendered.
  • Test scores taken since the decision was rendered.
  • Increase in activities.
  • Recently acquired awards.
  • Additional letters of recommendation.
  • Interviews with an admission counselor.
  • Interest in attending Georgia Tech.

Steps to Request an Appeal

  1. Contact us to discuss the appeals process and request an appeal form. An admission counselor will post the appeal form to your admission portal.
  2. Log into your admission portal to access the appeal form via your application checklist. Only information uploaded with your appeal form will be considered. Please do not mail appeal information. Appeals submitted by anyone other than the student will not be considered.
  3. Your appeal will be reviewed by the Undergraduate Admission Committee, and then you will be notified of your admission decision.

Appeal Deadlines

  • First-year applicants – April 15
  • Transfer applicants – Two (2) weeks after the initial admission decision is rendered