International Transfer

Due to transfer application requirements and campus capacity constraints, students applying directly from a non-U.S. college or university are not eligible to apply for transfer unless their institution and course requirements by major are present and transferable on the Georgia Tech transfer equivalency table.

Applicants studying at a regionally accredited college or university within the United States are eligible to apply for transfer consideration. 

Transcript Requirements

An official transcript from each international (Non-U.S.) institution is required along with a foreign credit evaluation report. We recommend credit evaluation providers send the official transcript and foreign credit evaluation together. 

The foreign credit evaluation must include a comprehensive course-by-course assessment and grade point average (GPA) evaluation. 
Approved evaluation service providers include:

International Credit Review

Review the Institute’s transfer credit policy for more information. Coursework at colleges and universities outside the United States and Canada is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. English taught abroad as a foreign language is not proof of English Proficiency or transferable to Georgia Tech.