Dual Enrollment

For the latest information on impacts of COVID-19 to Undergraduate Admission, visit admission.gatech.edu/updates.

Georgia Tech partners with high school and home study programs to enroll students in advanced courses that are not available in their high school programs.  We participate in Georgia’s Dual Enrollment program which provides funding for approved courses.  Our program intends to enrich the high school experience, not replace it.  Students who take classes at Georgia Tech usually continue taking classes and participating in activities and organizations in their high school communities. 

Admission for Dual Enrollment is available for fall semester only. If you are admitted for fall semester, you may enroll in spring semester courses pending satisfactory academic performance in the fall.  Summer courses are not available.

The admission process is selective and a prospective student should have a profile like students in the top quarter of our first-year class to be competitive. 

Additional information for high school counselors is available here.

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