Deferred First-Year Information

Next Steps for Deferred Students:

  1. Please read through our frequently asked questions, found below.

  2. Complete the Deferred Supplemental Form (DSF) which is available now in your admission portal. We ask that you complete and submit the form by February 1, 2020.

  3. Submit a copy of your mid-year transcript, including final fall grades, as soon as they become available.  

If you no longer want to be considered for first-year admission, visit your admission portal to cancel your application to Georgia Tech.


Since I have been deferred, do I need to submit a new application?

No. We will use your original application to consider you for admission in Regular Decision. However, you may augment your application by submitting the following documents:

  • Deferred Supplemental Form (DSF): The DSF allows you to provide us with an update on your extracurricular activities, and other information that will help us in our continued review of your application. This form is available in your admission portal.
  • Mid-year transcript: Please ask your counselor to submit your fall term grades as soon as available.
Can deferred students send additional letters of recommendation?

No. Only letters of recommendation originally submitted with your application will be considered. The DSF and mid-year report/transcript will provide us with the information necessary to make a final admission decision.

Can deferred students schedule an interview with someone in the admission office?

No. We are not able to accommodate requests for appointments with deferred students and ask that you convey all pertinent information through the DSF.

How many deferred students were ultimately accepted last year?

Each year varies. Over the past three years, approximately 22% of deferred students were ultimately accepted for the first-year class.

As a deferred student, when will I receive my final admission decision?

All deferred students will receive their decision along with our Regular Decision applicants.