Distance Math Programs

Most of our dual enrollment students are in Distance Math. We partner with more than 90 high schools in Georgia to offer this program.

Lectures are pre-recorded and available to students in a learning management system. Students are expected to view three lecture recordings each week. Instructors will teach live studio sessions twice a week, on Monday and Wednesday, from 8:25 to 9:15 AM.

Studio sessions will also be recorded for review or for students who do not attend live sessions. Students must take proctored tests 4 to 5 times per course on specific dates. Test dates are announced at the beginning of the semester. You can enjoy the challenge of a college class and professor without leaving your high school.

Distance Math Year One

Students who have completed AP Calculus BC may apply to take:

  • Math 1554 : Linear Algebra (Fall)

  • Math 2551: Multivariable Calculus (Spring)

Distance Math Year Two

Students who have completed Distance Math Year One may apply to take:

  • Math 3012: Applied Combinatorics (Fall)

  • Math 2552: Differential Equations (Spring)

Competitive Admission and Prerequisites

The dual enrollment admission process is selective. Interested students should have a profile like students in the top quarter of Georgia Tech’s first-year class to be competitive.

Distance Math Year One

  • Number of Spaces in Program: 580

  • Number of applications last year: 750

  • Pre-requisites: AP Calculus BC score of 4 or 5

Distance Math Year Two

  • Number of Spaces in Program: 80

  • Number of applications last year: 85

  • Pre-requisites: Distance Math Year One

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April 24, 2024

6:00 – 7:00 PM

Join our Distance Math Prospective Student webinar to learn more about the program and the dual enrollment admission process.


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