Dual Enrollment Application and Admission

Application and Admission

To apply, students must submit the following documents:

  • Application for Dual Enrollment Admission.
  • High School transcript including spring courses and grades.
  • College transcript from any other institution attended.
  • Due to the uncertainty of scheduling standardized tests during Covid-19, the University System of Georgia (USG) announced a temporary adjustment to admission requirements for USG institutions. Dual Enrollment applicants to Georgia Tech will not need to submit a SAT or ACT score to be considered for admission for Fall 2021. As of May 2021, the University System of Georgia has announced that all institutions will resume test score admission requirements beginning with applicants for the Spring semester of 2022. Any student applying to Georgia Tech to begin enrollment in 2022 and beyond will have to submit an SAT or ACT score.
  • AP test results if needed to fulfill pre-requisites for courses you wish to take. For Fall 2021, students who are submitting AP scores should take the AP tests offered in May (Administration 1 and 2.) Scores from Administration 3 in June will not arrive in time for admission for dual enrollment.
    *June 11, 2021 UPDATE:
    We are getting many questions about the conflict between our posted deadline of July 10 for AP Calculus BC scores and the College Board’s notice that scores will not be released until July 21. In the past, colleges have received AP scores a week to ten days before they were available to students. We have not been able to confirm if we will have scores earlier this year. We do not think we will have scores as early as July 10 and will therefore not be able to release decisions July 17 as we originally planned. If scores are delayed until July 21, the new Decision Release date will be July 23.
    How can you help us get your dual enrollment admission decision finalized as quickly as possible? Some students indicated when they registered for AP exams that they wanted their scores sent to Georgia Tech. If you are in this group, you need no further action. Some students have used their Free Score Send instructions from College Board to request that their scores be sent to Georgia Tech. If you have already done this, you need no further action. If you have not done this and would like to do so, remember that the deadline at College Board is June 20. Student who do not request scores in one of the above options must self-report their scores on their admission portal on the day they are released. College Board currently indicates that date as July 21. If we do not receive self-reported scores by July 21, we cannot guarantee completion of admission applications.

Students who are offered admission must submit the following enrollment documents:

  • Dual Enrollment funding application if participating in Georgia’s dual enrollment program.
  • Student Participation agreement and Dual Enrollment funding application completed online
  • Verification of lawful presence in the United States
  • Immunization records (only for students taking dual enrollment classes on the main Tech campus)
  • Class Schedule Planning Form (only for students taking dual enrollment classes on the main Tech campus)
Deadlines & Decision Release
  Fall Semester Spring Semester (Distance Computer Science Only)
Application Available May 15 – June 15 September 15 – October 23
Transcripts and SAT/ACT due June 15 October 23
AP scores due July 10* NA
Decisions Released July 23 November 2
Enrollment documents due August 1 November 16
Criteria Considered for Admission

The Admission Committee considers the following criteria in our holistic admission process:

  • High school and college courses
  • Grades
  • SAT or ACT results
  • AP test results
Student Profile

Below is the profile of students who were offered admission for Fall 2019 dual enrollment.

Criteria Average (middle 50%)
Number of weighted (AP/IB/Dual Enrollment) through the end of Junior year 5 - 8
SAT EBRW + Math 1470 - 1550
SAT EBRW 710 - 770
SAT Math 770 - 800
ACT Composite 34 - 35
ACT English 34 - 36
ACT Reading 33 - 36
ACT Math 34 - 36
GPA 4.31 - 4.55
Numeric Average 98.3 - 101.5


Georgia Tech Policy on Competitive Admission for Dual Enrollment Applicants

The undergraduate admissions process identifies applicants who will benefit from the Georgia Tech learning environment and enrich the entire student body. For complete details, read the Georgia Tech Policy on Competitive Admission.

Discipline Review Policy

We consider student discipline situations on an individual basis, within the framework of the values we uphold as a university. For complete details, read the Georgia Tech Discipline Review Policy.