Distance Computer Science

Distance Computer Science

This introductory computer science course that teaches students foundational computing principles, including how to write and read computer code and how to run and debug code. This innovative online course includes recorded lectures, optional recitations, and online discussion forums. Students learn to program in Python. They take four proctored exams at the time of their choosing, each within its own four-day window.

CS 1301: Introduction to Computing

Credit hours: 3

Offered: Fall and spring semesters

If students receive credit at Georgia Tech with a score of 4 or 5 on the AP Computer Science A exam, this is the course for which they get credit.

Requirements for each student:

  • Computer and web camera attached to that computer for proctoring
  • Quiet place with reliable internet access and access to web browser

Competitive Admission and Pre-Requisites

Admission is selective. Prospective students:

To see the profile of students admitted for Fall 2019 through our holistic admission process, please see our current Dual Enrollment student profile.