Early Admission

Early Admission

Early Admission is for high school students that wish to bypass their senior year and enroll full time at Georgia Tech after completing their junior year (without graduating from high school).

Early Admission is the best choice for students interested in truly accelerating their college career. These students may live on campus, take courses across the entire curriculum, and have full access to all extracurricular campus offerings.


To be competitive for Early Admission, students are expected to have an academic profile that places them in upper tier of the first-year applicant pool, and demonstrate a clear benefit to leaving high school prior to graduation.

Students applying for Early Admission must apply through our first-year applications.

Note: The Admission Committee will waive the fourth year of English required for early admission applicants. Completion of all other academic coursework is expected in order to be competitive in the admission process.

Early Admission & the HOPE Scholarship

Please be aware that if you enroll at Georgia Tech without graduating from high school, you will not be eligible for the HOPE Scholarship program.