APS Scholars

The Atlanta Public School (APS) Scholars Program is designed to recruit, enroll, support and graduate the most academically talented students within APS. Georgia Tech will offer automatic acceptance and cover four-year in-state tuition and mandatory fees to all APS valedictorians and salutatorians. The initiative was designed to increase exposure and access to Georgia Tech for APS's most prepared students.

We have an established commitment to partnering with K-12 schools to encourage more students to pursue STEM-related fields. While we are proud of our national and international initiatives, we believe that a great institution must maintain a strong connection to the community in which it resides. The APS Scholars Program is an outgrowth of that vision.


  1. Be named either the valedictorian or the salutatorian of any of the accredited public high schools or charter high schools in APS. School counselors and principals should collaborate and communicate this with their students and Tech admission representatives.

  2. Apply to Georgia Tech for first-year admission under the Early Action Plan or the Regular Decision Plan.

  3. Meet all stated Board of Regents academic requirements for entry into a research university.

  4. Successfully complete a math course at the pre-calculus level or above during high school.

  5. Be in overall good standing with APS at point of graduation.

  • How does the APS Scholars Program help students?
    All APS Scholars will have all tuition and mandatory fees covered for four academic years (eight semesters) as long as they remain in good academic standing with Georgia Tech.

  • When will APS Scholars be selected and notified?
    Students may be admitted in either the Early Action or Regular Decision round. However, APS Scholars Program participants will be officially named and contacted in early April.

  • Do I need to submit any additional information to be considered for the APS Scholars Program?
    Our selection committee will use the information you supplied on your application for admission to identify, admit, and name APS Scholars each year. In order to be considered for financial assistance, students must complete appropriate financial aid documents. A full explanation of the financial aid process for entering first-year students can be found here.

  • What costs does the APS Scholars program cover?
    This program ensures in-state tuition and mandatory fees will be covered through a combination of scholarships and grants from all sources for up to eight semesters of full-time enrollment at Georgia Tech. Click here to see the current costs of attendance for this academic year.

  • What are the requirements for maintaining the benefits of the APS Scholars program?
    Recipients must remain in academic good standing.

  • Can a student be considered for additional financial aid and scholarships beyond APS Scholars?
    Yes, all admitted students will be eligible for full consideration for all the merit and need-based aid that Georgia Tech offers. Students often also bring outside scholarships or aid that will be incorporated into a financial aid package.

  • How does the APS Scholars Program work in conjunction with other aid?

    • Georgia Tech will ensure that the gift aid (grants and scholarships) a student receives from all sources is sufficient to cover full-time tuition and mandatory fees.

    • Gift aid may be grants or scholarships received by the student from any source.

    • For example, if HOPE/Zell Miller plus funding from other sources are not enough, the APS Scholars Program will identify funding to fill this gap.

    • Below is an example for the 2018-19 academic year:

Description Costs
Estimated Tuition $10,008
Estimated Mandatory Fees $2,416
Total $12,424
Zell Mill Scholarship -$10,008
Benefit to Student $2,416*

* This amount will be met through a combination of gift/grant/scholarship assistance from all sources.