Defer Enrollment - Gap Year

Deferred enrollment, commonly referred to as a “gap year,” is designed for first-year students who desire to attend the Georgia Institute of Technology but, for various reasons, wish to postpone their enrollment.

Students who are approved to defer their enrollment and who satisfy the requirements listed below do not have to file a new application We will hold a spot in our class for up to one year after the original term of entry.

Details for the Deferred Enrollment Program:

  1. Only students who have paid an admission deposit for their original term of acceptance are eligible to request an enrollment deferral.

  2. Students who wish to defer their enrollment must contact the admission office and request to have their enrollment deferred after they pay their deposit and and no later than the date listed in the chart below.

  3. Students may request to defer their enrollment for up to one year from their original term of entry. Two year deferments are permissible, if they are mandated by government, military or religious service.

  4. The $250 enrollment deposit, housing application fee, and housing contract will be deferred until the future enrollment term.

  5. Defer Enrollment approvals are final. Once we have approved the deferral and moved a students' entry term, we will not move the term again.

  6. Students may not defer their enrollment to attend other colleges full-time then enroll at Georgia Tech.

  7. Students who are granted approval to defer their enrollment should understand that their approval is contingent upon successful completion of all currently enrolled courses. As the acceptance letter states, students who are admitted to Georgia Tech are expected to maintain the same level of academic excellence as was demonstrated at the time of acceptance. Failure to do so may result in revocation of the offer of admission.

Acceptance Term (Original Term of Entry) Deadline to Request a Deferral
First-year Summer/Fall July 1*
Transfer Spring December 15
Transfer Summer April 15
Transfer Fall August 1

*Defers for Visa and international travel concerns will be considered after July 1.

General Information

Communication with the Office of Undergraduate Admission

Students for whom an enrollment deferral is approved will maintain access to their admission portal. It is your responsibility to check your portal and the email address provided on your application frequently to stay informed about information pertinent to your future enrollment at Georgia Tech. A new acceptance letter will not be issued, and a new admission deposit is not required.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

All Georgia Tech students must reapply for financial aid each year; therefore, your current financial aid package will not be deferred to a future enrollment term. Our ability to award financial aid varies from year to year, so there is no guarantee that your future offer will match the current one.

The deferral of academic/departmental scholarships is at the discretion of the awarding department. Any student granted an enrollment deferral should contact the appropriate department to determine whether or not their scholarship can be deferred.


The housing application and contract are transferrable to a future term if your defer request is approved.