62 and Older Program

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To enroll at Georgia Tech under the Board of Regents' 62 or Older program, you must be a legal resident of Georgia. Students accepted under this program may enroll as a regular or auditing Georgia Tech student on a space-available basis. A waiver of in-state tuition and fees may be granted to a legal resident of Georgia aged 62 and over. This waiver can remain in effect as long as you are continuously enrolled. You will be responsible for supplies, laboratory, and shop fees.

Admission Requirements

62 or Older Program students are expected to meet all Institute undergraduate admission requirements, along with prerequisites for the course(s) scheduled, regardless of the basis of enrollment.

To Apply to the Program

Submit the following:

  • Completed online admission application
    • If you have never taken college-level courses, apply as a Freshman
    • If you have taken college classes at any point, apply as a Transfer (degree-seeking) or a Special (non-degree seeking) student
  • Non-refundable application fee ($75)
  • High school transcript (required only if you are applying for freshman admission).
  • SAT or ACT scores (required only if you are applying for freshman admission).
  • Non-Degree Applicant Permission Form (Part I only) with departmental signature(s) (required only if you are applying as a Special/non-degree seeking student)
    • You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to access this form
    • It is your responsibility to contact the appropriate academic department(s) to seek approval for any requested courses and submit the completed form with signatures.
  • A birth certificate or other acceptable written documentation of age
  • A completed 62-or-Older Program Information Sheet
  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended (if applicable)

Modern Language Online Courses

If you are interested in taking a Modern Language online course:

Application Timeline

Application Term Application Deadline Document Deadline 
Fall July 1 July 15
Spring November 15 December 1
Summer April 1 April 15


Discipline Review Policy

We consider student discipline situations on an individual basis, within the framework of the values we uphold as a university. For complete details, read the Georgia Tech Discipline Review Policy.