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You are considered a special/non-degree seeking student if you enroll at Georgia Tech for one or more terms to take advanced coursework for personal or professional growth. Special/non-degree seeking students are not normally eligible to continue studies at Georgia Tech with the intent of obtaining a degree from the Institute. If you are currently enrolled in college, you may not apply as a Special student; you must apply as a Transient student.

To apply as a Special/Non-Degree Student, a student must have completed a minimum of thirty (30) semester or forty-five (45) quarter credit hours after the date of high school graduation.

To Apply as a Special/Non-Degree Student:

  1. Georgia Tech Non-Degree Application

  2. Non-refundable application fee ($75).

  3. Official college transcripts from all colleges attended (a minimum GPA of 3.0 is required). A foreign credit evaluation is required of students with non-U.S. coursework.
  4. Non-Degree Applicant Permission Form (Part I only) with departmental signature(s).
    • You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to access this form
    • It is your responsibility to contact the appropriate academic department(s) to seek approval for any requested courses and submit the completed form with signatures.
    • Please be aware that department approval does not guarantee acceptance.
    • Click here to view permission form contacts by academic college

  5. A Georgia Tech graduate that has received their undergraduate degree must apply for readmission as a special student through the Georgia Tech Registrar’s Office.

International Students

If you are a student and you are not a U.S citizen, nor a U.S. Permanent Resident card holder, you may only apply to be a special/non-degree seeking student if you are participating in an approved Georgia Tech Office of International Education study abroad or foreign exchange program.

Application Timeline

Application Term Application Deadline Document Deadline 
Fall August 1 August 5
Spring November 15 December 1
Summer May 1 May 8

Class Registration

The transient student registration period follows the degree-seeking student registration period. If you have already received a bachelor's degree from another institution, there is no limitation to the number of course hours that may be completed.

Course Schedule Guidelines

Transient students are ineligible to schedule core curriculum courses offered at Georgia Tech. Courses such as freshman and sophomore calculus, chemistry, physics, humanities, and social sciences are reserved for regularly enrolled students only. Space is normally unavailable in courses taught by major schools which are over-crowded, such as Aerospace Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. Any courses requested, depends upon availability, and transient students are given last priority for registration.

Financial Aid

Special/non-degree seeking students are not eligible for financial assistance from Georgia Tech.

Discipline Review Policy

We consider student discipline situations on an individual basis, within the framework of the values we uphold as a university. For complete details, read the Georgia Tech Discipline Review Policy.