School Counselors

Fall 2020 Outreach Plan

As you plan for the upcoming school year, below are updates on our admission team's fall visit plans. All of our fall outreach and consortium programming, including the Peach State Tour, will be delivered in a virtual format. We are excited that we have the opportunity to try some new things this fall and hope one of these options will fit you and your students’ needs.

Virtual High School Visits

If your school plans to host virtual college programs and you are interested in having a Georgia Tech representative conduct a visit with your students, please complete this visit request form to let us know. While our team may not be able to accommodate all requests, we will do our best to meet you and your students’ needs. We will schedule virtual high school visits through early October, at which time our staff will move into first-year application review and be unavailable for visit requests.

Other Opportunities For Your Students

If your school does not plan to host virtual visits this year or our team is unable to accommodate a visit with you, we have several online opportunities for students to learn more about Georgia Tech. Please visit our first-year visit page for information about upcoming first-year webinars, virtual campus tours (with a live tour guide!), small group discussions and academic sessions.

Opportunities For You

One of the things we will miss most about high school visits is the opportunity to talk with you in-person. I encourage you to attend one of our virtual Georgia Tech Counselor Sessions or consortium events to hear more about our plans for the 2021 admission cycle. If you have follow-up questions or just need to talk about your specific circumstances, we will be hosting counselor one-on-one meetings each week in August and September. Each session is 20 minutes, and you can register here. Counselor one-on-one sessions are available until early October when our staff will move into first-year application review.

Opportunities For International Counselors

In order to answer all of your questions, our international admission team is available to speak with you. Join us for an upcoming International Counselor Session, where our admission team will share more about the 2021 admission cycle. If you would like to speak with an international admission counselor, we will be hosting a number of one-on-one meetings specifically for international school counselors.