Dual Degree Engineering Transfer Pathway Program

Georgia Tech offers the Dual Degree Engineering Pathway Program to provide students an opportunity to earn two undergraduate degrees from two different institutions.

A dual degree student attends a participating Dual Degree partner institution for three years, then attends Georgia Tech for two years. Upon completion of the undergraduate program at Tech, the student receives bachelor’s degrees from the Dual Degree partner institution and Georgia Tech. A student's program of study at Georgia Tech may concentrate in any engineering program.

Dual Degree Engineering Pathway Requirements:

Students who complete all requirements of their Dual Degree partner institution and satisfy the GT requirements below will receive an offer of transfer admission to Georgia Tech.

  1. Submit a Transfer Application
    Dual Degree Pathway students can apply for the spring, summer, or fall semester. Submit a transfer application by the deadline of the application term you select.

    Dual Degree applicants should meet with the Dual Degree Coordinator at their current institution to confirm all course requirements are complete (or in progress) prior to applying to GT. Georgia Tech will send each Dual Degree partner institution a list of their applicants each term to certify participation and completion of their Dual Degree program.

    Students not enrolled within their Dual Degree institution for more than two consecutive semesters must re-enroll for a minimum of one semester prior to applying to Georgia Tech.

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  2. Complete Course Requirements by Major
    Review the Dual Degree course requirements by major chart below and complete course requirements by the course requirements deadline of your intended term. Dual Degree applicants may be in progress with 1 - 3 course requirements at the point of application submission.

    Course Requirements by Major

  3. Submit Your Transcript(s)
    Submit official transcript(s) from all prior colleges by the document deadline.

    Document Submission Options

  4. Meet GPA Requirements
    Visit our GPA page to learn how we calculate GPAs within our application review process. Students applying for high demand engineering majors (Aerospace, Biomedical, Mechanical, Electrical, Computer, Industrial, and Chemical & Biomolecular) must earn a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or higher and a combined math/lab science GPA of 3.3 or higher.

    Students applying for Civil, Environmental, Materials Science, and Nuclear and Radiological must earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and a combined math/lab GPA of 3.0 or higher.

    Dual Degree students are expected to earn a B average (3.0 on a 4.0 scale) or higher for each course sequence (English Composition, Mathematics, and Lab Sciences) on the Dual Degree course requirements by major chart.

    The cumulative GPA includes coursework taken at all colleges and/or universities attended.  The math/lab science GPA includes a combination of mathematics courses at the calculus level and higher along with all-natural science courses including both lecture and laboratory components.

    Lab science subject areas include Biology, Chemistry, Calculus-Based Physics, and Environmental Sciences. GT’s transfer equivalency table and GT catalog are your two best sources of information for reviewing lab science coursework.

Participating Dual Degree Schools

Visit the College of Engineering website for additional details about the Dual Degree Engineering Program and to view a list of participating institutions.

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