Recommendations are optional and not required with your application. Should you choose to submit recommendations, we will only accept one (1) recommendation from your high school or college counselor and one (1) from the teacher of your choice. Any additional recommendations will not be considered with your application, and we are unable to accommodate changes or substitutions once recommendations have been received in our office.

  • Counselor Recommendation
    You should ask your counselor to submit their recommendation electronically whenever possible. More information about deadlines and document submission is available here.

    We understand that some students attend high schools where the demands of their counselor's caseloads do not afford them the opportunity to provide a letter for each applicant. If your counselor is in that situation, please be assured that the absence of a recommendation letter will not negatively impact your application review.

  • Teacher Recommendation
    Our office will consider one (1) teacher recommendation if you choose to submit this information. Like with counselor recommendations, we strongly recommend submitting teacher recommendations electronically. We also suggest you ask a teacher of a core academic subject (English, math, science, social science, or foreign language) who can best provide insight into your experience in the classroom.

What Are We Looking for in Your Recommendations?

Counselors and teachers may provide an external perspective about you as a person and applicant to Georgia Tech. We expect you to provide us with all information pertinent to your application, and your recommender may provide additional perspective and insight on that information.