Application Review Process

How will admission counselors evaluate your application?

First-year applicants to Georgia Tech are reviewed in a selective, holistic admission process. Our application review includes consideration of the following factors:

Statement on AI

Tools like ChatGPT, Bard and other AI-based assistance programs are powerful and valuable tools. We believe there is a place for them in helping you generate ideas, but your ultimate submission should be your own. As with all other sources, you should not copy and paste content you did not create directly into your application. Instead, if you choose to utilize AI-based assistance while working on your writing submissions for Georgia Tech, we encourage you to take the same approach you would when collaborating with people. Use it to brainstorm, edit, and refine your ideas. AI can also be a useful tool as you consider how to construct your resume in the Activities portion of the Common Application. We think AI could be a helpful collaborator, particularly when you do not have access to other assistance to help you complete your application.

Review the Contribution to Community and Personal Essays sections above for more information about using AI when working on your application.

Competitive Admission Policy

The undergraduate admission process identifies applicants who will benefit from the Georgia Tech learning environment and enrich the entire student body. For complete details, read the Georgia Tech Policy on Competitive Admission.

Review Admission Policy

Discipline Review Policy

We consider student discipline situations on an individual basis, within the framework of the values we uphold as a university. For complete details, read the Georgia Tech Discipline Review Policy.

Student Discipline Policy

Home School

Are You a Home School Student?

In our review of home school students, our committee utilizes the same factors as students attending a traditional high school. However, we do sometimes recommend supplementary information.

Home School Information

Admission Decision Outcomes

Review all of the possible first-year admission decisions that you may receive.

Admission Decision