Standardized Tests

All first-year applicants seeking admission in 2022 and beyond must submit results of the SAT and/or the ACT.

As a member of the University System of Georgia, Georgia Tech, along with the other public colleges and universities in our state, will require students to submit test scores in order to be considered for admission. In our holistic review process, tests are only one of many factors used to make admission decisions.

Covid-19 Impact

We understand that access to testing differs by region. While we are unable to consider your application without a test score, we do want to assure you of a few things:

  • Testing is only one part of our application review, and we place much higher value on your course choice, performance, and involvement and impact outside the classroom than on test scores.

  • Testing once is enough! Pre-pandemic, we would recommend you test more than once, but we understand that many of the colleges you are likely considering will not be requiring tests this year. We do not want the testing requirement to be overly burdensome.

The bottom line: your test score will not be the deciding factor in your admission decision. Put your time and effort this year into studying for your classes, investing your time in your school and community, and positively influencing your family and friends, rather than concerning yourself with test preparation or test logistics. Self-reporting scores on your application or after submission via your admission portal is encouraged.

Self-Reported Scores

You have two avenues to self-report your standardized test scores. First, we will consider self-reported scores listed in the Common Application testing section. Additionally, after you submit your application, you will have access to a form in your admission portal to self-report scores. We will not use scores received on your school transcript or via email, fax, or postal service.

If you are admitted and choose to enroll at Georgia Tech, you will need to submit official test scores before attending orientation. Use the school codes below to submit your scores:

  • SAT school code: 5248

  • ACT school code: 0818

We do not recommend paying the expedited rush fee. In our experience, test scores arrive at roughly the same time whether you pay for them to be rushed or not.

How Do We Evaluate Test Scores?

When we evaluate your application for first-year admission we consider test scores as outlined below. We do not use the Writing section of either test.

  • ACT - Highest section score on English, Math, Reading and Science

  • SAT – Highest section score on Evidence-Based Reading & Writing and Math

  • Highest section scores on either the SAT or ACT

Other Standardized Tests

AP, IB, and AS & A Level exams are optional for admission, though they may provide college credit for students who enroll at Georgia Tech. If you have taken any of these tests before you apply and you believe they support your application, you are welcome to report them as described above.

If you ultimately decide to enroll at Georgia Tech, official exam results will be required in order to seek college credit. To see our course credit by exam policy, please see below:

Advanced Course Credit

Demonstration of English Proficiency

We do not require English language exams (such as TOEFL and IELTS) but we will accept them for non-native English speakers.

More Information