First-Year Decision Outcomes

Students who apply for first-year admission will receive one of the following admission decisions. As noted on our application, all first-year students will be considered for both summer and fall terms. In 2022, more than 500 first-year students began their Georgia Tech education in the summer term and the remaining students joined them for the fall term.

Fall Admit

Admitted first-year students for fall have until the deposit deadline to choose to attend Georgia Tech, whether they applied Early Action or Regular Decision. Students admitted to the fall term may opt to begin in the summer term by attending any of our summer programs.

Summer Admit

Each year our first-year class begins in the summer term. First-year students admitted to the summer term enroll in the iGniTe Summer Launch Program, which begins in June. Students admitted to summer may not move their enrollment to fall unless they are admitted to Challenge or First-Year Semester Abroad. Like students admitted for fall, those admitted for summer have until the deposit deadline to choose whether or not to attend Tech.

About the Summer Term


Some Early Action applicant may have their application deferred to our Regular Decision admission round. Deferred students should submit a fall term transcript with grades and will be provided the opportunity to update their application via the Deferred Supplemental Form. Deferred students will receive a decision with Regular Decision students in March.

Steps for Deferred Students


A limited number of students will be offered a place on Tech's first-year waitlist. Students on the waitlist are those to whom we would like to offer admission but do not have space available. Though we offer admission to more students than we need for our class size, since we can’t be assured whether or not they will accept our offer of admission, the waitlist provides a group of strong students who could fill any remaining spots in the first-year class.

Waitlist FAQs

Transfer Pathway

Some students to whom we are not able to offer first-year admission will be offered a transfer pathway, which provides an opportunity to transfer to Georgia Tech after attending another college for the prescribed length of time.

Transfer Pathway Programs


First-year applicants who receive this decision are not offered admission to Georgia Tech. If a student who applied Early Action is denied, they may not reapply during our Regular Decision round. Students who are not offered first-year admission may consider whether or not applying as a transfer student in the future is the best option for them.