Institutional Fit

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If you are applying to Georgia Tech, you are being reviewed through a holistic admission process where we consider every single element of your application and weigh that in comparison not only with the applicant pool, but also with institutional priorities.

This type of evaluation means that every piece of your application is important – academic preparation, GPA, and essays. We have outlined what we look for in each portion of the application, but it is important to remember that all of these factors, not one, help us determine not only if you are an excellent student, but whether or not you would be an excellent fit here at Georgia Tech.  

Holistic admission is utilized to ensure enrollment of a transfer class who will be diverse, innovative thinkers and problem solvers. A diverse class of students from many backgrounds has proven to be fertile soil for creativity. We also want a class who studies a variety of disciplines, so the major you put on your application and evidence of your interest in this major is an indicator of how you would fit in the upcoming class. These are examples of institutional priorities, and how factors outside of your GPA will affect your admission decision.